Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo

Jacksonville, NC

Tiger Rock Taekwondo Martial Arts International  is built on the solid principles of its tenents: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community. Strength, Humility and Knowledge. Their mission is to empower member Instructors and students to enrich their personal, artistic and professional lives through traditional TaeKwonDo training.

While training authentic and highly skilled  TaeKwonDo artists, Tiger Rock MAI believes that the highest purpose of TaeKwonDo education is to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship. TaeKwonDo is about real and powerful experiences, resulting in the discovery of innate capabilities and a heightened sense of responsibility. Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo students are challenged to do what is right and ethical, despite skepticism and despite the pull of the outside world. Our Partners in Learning, Community Child Safety Program and TaeKwonDo Scholarship Fund are in this spirit.